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As Albert Einstein stated wisely…
“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again
and expecting different results.”


Project Humanity 7.0 offers a path to leave the above vicious cycle in which society seems to be imprisoned.
It proposes Concrete Innovations that, starting from the world we all know and without throwing away the good aspects of it, could really signify an evolution for our society, and ensure that the dysfunctions which are considered now to be “incurable” pathologies (unemployment, economic crises, the waste of resources, etc.) will become incompatible and, therefore, destined to gradually become extinct.
Society might live in a reality more in balance than the present one. Everything can be designed to value the capabilities, tastes, and preferences of each individual and hence allow everyone to find their own specific realization.

For You Who

Crave a world in which everyone can develop his or her Potential.
Desire that the Liberty of Choice is the norm and not the exception.
See in Innovation an instrument at the Service of Humanity.
Feel uneasy about the Disequilibrium afflicting our society and
Wish for a Solution that makes it vanish.