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Avoid the Trap of “Divide et Impera” | Unity is Strength

As Albert Einstein said: “The world will not be destroyed by those who do devil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.

We definitely agree with this statement. However, it’s not that simple. We need to analyze in depth what appears to us externally as mere watching or pure indifference to understand if that is really the case.

In fact, many people look at the existing contradictions around the world and feel impotent. The sense of impotence, over the decades and even centuries, has been transformed into indifference for the majority of the individuals. Sometimes it reveals itself as frustration, annoyance, or even anger, but in most cases it unfolds as passivity. The world has become a big stage with an ongoing paradoxical show, such that most of the individuals seem like inert spectators looking impassively through the news, or the comments, images and videos overwhelming them daily on TV and social media.

When something becomes overwhelming throughout a long period, it becomes almost “normal”. Thus, now, we are used to seeing poverty, hunger, violence, wars, and discrimination as if they were inevitable. As an example, at times, passersby may not even notice the homeless on the streets as it has become so common that they are now almost “invisible”. If we are not affected or harmed directly by these problems, most of us would look at these issues as we would do with drama movies. Instead, if we are unfortunate enough to be involved firsthand in some of these negative manifestations of today’s society, we are often so busy facing them, that most of our energy is focused on surviving instead of finding solutions.

The majority of the people are like single water drops inside a huge ocean. Some group together into small waves to feel stronger and less isolated. However, what are small waves in comparison to an ocean, if not just a “bigger drop” of water?

That’s nothing truly new: it’s the ancient concept of Divide et Impera utilized systematically by the Romans to quickly expand their empire and rule the conquered lands. They literally divided up the dominated territories into component units (city-states, tribes, etc.), made separate alliances and treaties with the inhabitants of each area, and induced them through a complex system of rewards to keep an eye on the others and provide for a common defense.

What Romans did in the past with military and political strategies is accomplished presently by economic forces and the manipulation of information through the various means of communication. The Divide at Impera has reached now its outmost expression by isolating most of the people into single elements, and virtually uniting them with other relatively small groups of similar individuals through social media and other methods. Unfortunately for the mass society, forming progressively smaller groups identified by insignificantly different ideas is the best distracting mechanism that can be implemented to divert the people’s attention from the real problems and maintain the status quo of the current social organization.

On the one hand, the development of technology in general and social media in particular creates many advantages for everyone. On the other hand, we need to stay vigilant and avoid becoming a passive, apathetic, maneuverable piece on the chessboard of the society game.

It’s critical not to fall into this trap. We need to become conscious of the great power that individuals have when they are united together.

We need to avoid the Divide et Impera mechanism, and concentrate on the deep common values, rather than the superficial differences that have one main consequence, which is to divide us in smaller groups and weaken our potential strength.

Project Humanity 7.0 goes beyond the superficial diversities – both mental ideas and physical appearances – of all human beings, to find and propose a kernel of values that can truly drive transformation, and avoid the “passive watching mechanism”. We are keen to unite large groups to drive concrete evolution for humanity.

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