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Discover the World Crystal
and its Innovative Organizational Model

Project Humanity 7.0 depicts a possible and feasible evolution for civilization based on innovative and concrete ideas.
To help us visualize how these ideas would apply to real life, they are described as applied to a fictional world, called Crystal.
The ultimate goal is to stimulate an exchange of opinions on the possibility and the opportunity to transform these ideas from fiction to reality.

Project Humanity 7.0 is the first book of the series, mainly focused on Crystal and its holistic organizational model.
A new world, close to the one we’ve known so far in the practical modalities of quotidian living, but profoundly different in the values that govern the socio-economic game.
The message is strong and clear: the system we live in is not immutable; instead, it’s the product of choices made by human beings, and as such, new and informed choices can make it evolve.

IslanD-25 describes a next phase. The world of Crystal – and its innovations based on holistic principles to construct an equilibrated society – continues to be a central point, but the focus moves further towards indefinite and complex themes: love and the mystery of life.
The subject changes and becomes more personal: A better system can even facilitate the inner research of the sense of life, but we are the only ones who can undertake this complex endeavor.

Open Your Eyes to the differences
between Crystal and the Current Reality on Earth

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