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Crystal, 2035. Alex is nineteen years old and living a normal life. He has not yet identified what he wants to do in his future, so in the meantime, he dedicates himself to occasional jobs, his girlfriend, Marina, nights out with friends, and his passion for the guitar.
One day, by chance, during a conversation with his friend Jasmine, Alex feels a latent curiosity awaken. He discovers that he needs to understand the interrelations and the mechanisms of Crystal better, as they are the fruit of a change in respect to the previous system, which still persists on Earth.
Then he starts researching, irrepressibly at times, to satisfy as quickly as possible his sudden thirst for knowledge, pulling us with him in this “journey.”
Jasmine, thanks to her passion and preparation on these topics, will guide him ably through the holistic principles that regulate their quotidian life. His father, Dario, will also reveal precious information to help him understand the roots of the “Project Humanity 7.0” from which everything originated.
It will be a compelling voyage and, as with all personal conquests, filled with unexpected events, knots to untangle, and important decisions to make.

The Message

The future world represented is not a science fiction utopia; it rather describes how human beings might finally evolve and live in a reality more in balance than the present one.
In fact, the concrete innovations, described in detail, ensure that the dysfunctions that are considered now to be “incurable” pathologies (unemployment, economic crises, the waste of resources, etc.) will become incompatible and, therefore, destined to gradually become extinct. Moreover, everything is designed to value the capabilities, tastes, and preferences of each individual and to allow everyone to find their own specific realization.
The comparison between Earth and Crystal, which is the thread of the whole story, will simplify the comprehension of these new organizational modalities and will raise awareness of the vicious circles in which we are immersed today.
Identifying ourselves with Alex’s experiences will be natural, making us prefigure and almost touch and feel possible change: this is the unbridled strength of this romance.
The message is strong and clear… THE SYSTEM WE LIVE IN IS NOT IMMUTABLE it’s the product of Choices made by Human Beings, as such, NEW AND INFORMED CHOICES CAN MAKE IT EVOLVE.

Ready to “Touch and Feel” Crystal?

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